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WorkHorse "Open Edition" 13" Statuette
  • WorkHorse "Open Edition" 13" Statuette

    Standing tall and proud on the hill, Sampson the WorkHorse symbolizes the best of all of us and is an inspiration to diligence, sacrifice and hard work.  The original statue, hand made by Monte Moore was powerful enough to launch a graphic novel, and the Bronze and Limited Edition versions of the statue have remained very popular since their offering.

    But... there were requests for MOORE!

    By popular demand, we now have a non-limited edition of the WorkHorse statuette for purchase.  Each of these beautiful statuettes measures 13" Tall x 16" Long x 7" wide and weigh aproximately 4 pounds.  They are made of "Cold Cast" resin and are artfully patinized and finished. These "Open Edition" WorkHorse Statuettes were created by our industry partners from a mold of the original WorkHorse statue by Monte Moore.

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