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Blood N'Bullets


"Bloody" Mary Masterson, a gun for hire with a deadly reputation and a quick temper that makes her a force to be reckoned with. Mary is accompanied by her dog Hamlet and she's known to quote Shakespeare to her faithful companion while out on the trail.  Mary is a loner and doesn't much care for towns, but she has come to town to visit her brother Holden who has recently remarried after his first wife died...but therein lies a serious Holden has married a Native American named Blackbird and neither Mary nor the rest of the town is too keen on Holden taking Blackbird as his new wife!

Mary and Blackbird had to learn to set their differences aside when all Hell Breaks Loose in this sleepy town after mysterious strangers arrive from Europe with a lust for blood and taste for vengeance! As the body count rises, so does the need for Mary and Blackbird to take matters in to their own hands, spilling blood and extracting vengeance of their own.

Blood N'Bullets #2 picks up where our first story leaves off, with Mary and Blackbird returning to town after dispatching their enemies at the old fort, but is the fight over? Who can they trust? There are hard lessons to learn, and trust given easily can be broken just as easily... and so can a heart.

Blood N'Bullets is the second entry into the ever-expanding world of the Monteverse, we hope you enjoy it as much as we at Maverick Arts enjoyed making it for you.

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