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"Years ago during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, an idea came to me as I was walking along the front of the convention center heading back to my vehicle after a night of industry meetings and social networking...

"what if there were a crime-fighter who was homeless....and maybe a bit crazy....but dressed up as a superhero and went out to fight crime?" 

Sure, there's Batman, but Bruce Wayne has it made, he's got money and ways to get patched up, armor to protect him, and anything a billionaire can afford. But if you took all that away from someone AND they still went out on the mean streets and fought the good me that is a character with true grit who must survive on skills and savvy alone.

Enter Brina Hernandez, the "Loco Hero" - I felt that Brina's story would be singular in that she was a Latina, a combat veteran, and a patriot who, like so many of our real-world veterans today, ends up living on the hard streets dealing with loss, PTSD, and survivor's guilt. So, although I seek to tell an entertaining story with action and humor, sexiness, and style, I also want there to be a real message in her story and this not just be a tale of pure whimsy or fantasy." - series creator Monte Moore

In issues one and two we learn about the origin of Loco Hero and follow her through her first few "missions". We develop the world of Bridgeton, and populate that world with characters that the readers, from ALL walks of life, will be able to relate to. Issues one and two of Loco Hero represent the first story arch of the character and are a great introduction to this part of the Monteverse, and we hope you will enjoy entering it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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