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The First 100 Remarque-able Coin
  • The First 100 Remarque-able Coin

    The FIRST Challenge Coin that Monte Moore and Maverick Arts Studio has ever issued.

    ONLY 100 of these individually numbered coins will EVER be available for sale, and only 25 of these coins are being made available in this offering on MavArts


    "The First 100 Remarque-able Coin" is a 2-inch challenge coin finished in high-luster nickel and black enamel.  The front features the M3 "Maze" logo with a laser etched serial number, and the back features the M3 "Skull" logo, "The First 100" logo and the Latin phrase "Semper Expecto Magis".  Both the front and back feature "MMM 2022"


    This coin entitles the owner to a free remarque (small hand-drawn sketch on an item brought to him) at any signing event that Monte attends - forever.


    The owner is also entitled to one free remarque, per year, on any item MAILED into Monte at his studio -  forever.  (Coin holder pays shipping both ways)


    Monte Moore currently charges a rate of $50 for a remarque at signing events, that price may rise, but it will not affect the availability of the FREE remarques afforded by this coin.

    Monte attends 4 - 7 shows per year, so that means this coin can be used for 4 - 7 remarques at shows per year, plus the one mail-in remarque per year.


    Redemption of signing event remarques REQUIRES the physical presentation of the coin at the event.


    Only ONE remarque per event.


    Redemption of yearly, mailed-in remarques do NOT stack, and must happen within the calendar year, or they are forfeited.


    The ownership of this coin, and the privileges associated MAY be transferred.

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