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FLASH SALE "Guardian" Statuette
  • FLASH SALE "Guardian" Statuette

    The "Guardian" Statuette designed by Monte Moore features a gauzy-clad maiden standing above her dragon pet in front a pit of fire provided by a tealight candle holder. We have about 16 of these 11" tall "Guardian" Statuettes in storage and we want to make room for MOORE new works, so we are blowing these out at HALF THE PRICE FROM 20 YEARS AGO!  You can see the print ad in the pictures above from when this was originally offered, and the price, in 2003, was $55.  You can pick one up RIGHT NOW for $27.50 (+$5 flat rate shipping).  Inflation is a construct.  These will be available until they are gone.

      $55.00 Regular Price
      $27.50Sale Price
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