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Moore from Monte

Just back in the studio today after my 11th appearance at Lucca Comics and Games in Italy and a really lonnnnngggg travel day home!  Laura and I really enjoyed our annual pilgrimage to Italy and we got to spend an extra day in Florence when our flight home was suddenly cancelled due to torrential rain!  Not a bad way to spend a day when your flight was cancelled!  As much as I love the European trips, it’s really good to be home and in the regular swing of things.  I’m already looking forward to some new Western and Fine Art projects coming up for Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas next month, and of course my Jan-March residency at the Arizona Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale where my art was selected to be on the program cover again this year!  Stay tuned for Moore updates on Games, Kickstarter Campaigns, Comics Cover Exclusives and studio antics that only the true Montiacs will enjoy!  Live Facebook sessions will also be ramping up soon!  BAM! - Monte #EXPECTMOORE

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